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Superhuman Wellness Delivered In Your Morning Coffee.

Enhance your mental clarity, support gut health, and promote longevity with Superhuman Coffee. One daily serving contains a science-driven combination of 5 health products for superior health: nootropics, probiotics, cholines, amino acids, and antioxidants. All delivered with the delicious, rich taste of a craft coffee. This is a coffee that doesn't just wake you up, it makes you SUPERHUMAN.

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Benefits of Daily Use

sustained energy


Brain-boosting Nootropics clear brain fog and improve focus and concentration levels.*

less jitters


Nootropics and Cholines combat jitters and help you calm your nerves.*

healthier gut


Probiotics and Antioxdants bolster digestion and nutrient absorption.*

happier mood


Taurine & Alpha-GPC support metabolism and promote healthy aging of the skin, brain, and heart.*

What TikTok & Instagram Are Saying About Superhuman

  • “...coffee leaves me with anxious energy, which ends up being counterproductive. But Superhuman I feel calm, focused, and ready to take on the day. Plus it has gut health benefits too...cannot get better than that!"


  • “If you're like me and you love matcha for its benefits but you miss the taste of coffee...Superhuman Coffee is for you! It has L-Theanine, probiotics, and is 3rd party tested!"

    Wendy R.

  • "For years I struggled with my gut after drinking coffee so I decided to cut it until I found a coffee brand that actually feels good...The coffee tastes AMAZING and makes you feel AMAZING as well.

    Isabella P.

  • "Has L-Theanine, Taurine, and Alpha-GPC. Also has Probiotics and is the perfect blend with so many helpful ingredients...usually don't even drink coffee but this is yum 😋”

    Ashlyn S.

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Superhuman Is So Much More Than Just "Coffee"

Stress-reducing L-Theanine


Dubbed the "The hero of chill", this potent stress-buster is commonly found in green tea and matcha.

Relieves Anxiety*

Boosts Mood*

Improves Sleep*


The warriors of gut health, probiotics are essential to balancing the gut microflora and immunity.

Immune Support*

Digestive Health*

Reduce Bloating*

brain-boosting Alpha-GPC


"The Natural Alternative to Adderall", this natural choline is found in the brain and promotes cognitive function.

Improves Focus*

Brain Health*

Mental Clarity*


One of the most promising and anti-aging molecules, Taurine boasts benefits for the mind, hear, and gut.

Anti Infla-mmatory*

Combats Aging*

Amplifies Energy*

Premium 100% Arabica Coffee

We source the highest quality coffee beans, never spray-dry them, and test them for mold, ash, heavy metals and mycotoxins.

Boosts Alertness*

Jumpstarts Metabolism*

Packed with Anti-oxidants*

Superhuman is free of all common allergens.

Raise the bar on your health.

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It starts with what's in your morning coffee.

Scoop. Stir. Sip. That's It.

You've got a jam-packed day ahead of you, we get it. Make a world-class cup of coffee (with tons of health benefits) in minutes!

Step 1

Add 1.25 tsp (5.5g) and 3oz of warm water to your favorite cup.

Step 2

Mix it up! This makes your Superhuman shot.

Step 3

Add your milk, creamer, or sweetener of choice. Make it your way!

Step 4

Add some ice if you're feeling it for an iced latte!

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