3rd Party Tested for Safety & Effectiveness

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Half The Caffeine Content of a Starbucks Coffee

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Zero sugars or additives.

Third-Party tested for mold and mycotoxins.

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3rd Party Tested


Fast, FREE Shipping

3rd Party Tested for Safety & Effectiveness

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Fast, FREE Shipping (2-5 Business Days)

Premium, 100% Arabica Coffee

Zero Added Sugar, Zero Sweeteners

Diet Friendly (Vegetarian, Vegan, Keto)

Why Health-Conscious Coffee Lovers Are Switching to Superhuman





















Scoop. Stir. Sip. That's It.

You've got a jam-packed day ahead of you, we get it. Make a world-class cup of coffee (with tons of health benefits) in minutes!

Step 1

Add 1.25 tsp(5.5g) and 3oz of warm water to your favorite cup.

Step 2

Mix it up! This makes your Superhuman shot.

Step 3

Add your milk, creamer, or sweetener of choice. Make it your way!

Step 4

Add some ice if you're feeling it for an iced latte!

Superhuman Is So Much More Than Just "Coffee"


Dubbed the "The hero of chill", this potent stress-buster is commonly found in green tea and matcha.

Relieves Anxiety*

Boosts Mood*

Improves Sleep*


The warriors of gut health, probiotics are essential to balancing the gut microflora and immune support.

Immune Support*

Digestive Health*

Reduce Bloating*


"The Natural Alternative to Adderall", this natural choline is found in the brain and promotes cognitive function.

Improves Focus*

Brain Health*

Mental Clarity*


One of the most promising and anti-aging molecules, Taurine boasts benefits for the mind, hear, and gut.

Anti Infla-mmatory*

Combats Aging*

Amplifies Energy*

Premium 100% Arabica Coffee

We source the highest quality coffee beans, never spray-dry them, and test them for mold, ash, heavy metals and mycotoxins.

Boosts Alertness*

Jumpstarts Metabolism*

Packed with Anti-oxidants*

Allergens PSA: Superhuman is free of all common allergens.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Based on 61 reviews
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89%would recommend this product
61 reviews
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    4 months ago
    Exactly what I needed!

    I struggle with horrible fatigue, but coffee always gives me terrible jitters & instant stomach pain (my fellow IBS people will get it 🥴) so I’m not left with many options… until I found superhuman coffee! I have never felt better with any coffee than I do with this product! I get the energy boost & flavor I crave for the day, but get minimal of the gross side effects. Absolutely genius! I’m a customer for life!

    A Profile picture for Amanda
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 weeks ago

    I’ll be honest I had my doubts, I’ve been drinking coffee since I was a teen and now I can say with confidence I am a 40 year old coffee snob. I enjoy it for both functionality and comfort, it’s become part of a daily routine for me. I drink mine black with sugar free syrup and generally I prefer a very bold or strong brew. If I don’t have my morning cup of coffee I feel like I’m missing something all day, you know that feeling of “Did I turn off the stove? Or “Did I lock the door? I admittedly get easily annoyed if I don’t have it to start my day (my kids 19 & 22 would agree) 😆 I just know I want something more healthy and with less waste!

    I read all your emails with enthusiasm and followed the suggested serving size knowing I could add more if needed. I am happy to say I am BEYOND IMPRESSED🙌 so much to the point that I texted my brother a fellow coffee snob and sent him a video and picture. (See pics of our convo below) I didn’t stop there, I also convinced my very stubborn husband of 17 years to give it a try and he also loved the taste! We even took it on our recent weekend away to Lexington, Kentucky and brought it into our swanky hotel room because we’ve never had a better cup of coffee full of flavor with such a smooth taste. It’s perfection in a cup, the aroma is on point for any coffee lover which can be hard to perfect, not even the fancy 5 star hotels or cute coffee shops compared.

    So I must say with out a doubt I am now a proud walking billboard for…

    Amanda June F.
    Verified Buyer
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    3 months ago
    I was surprised by the coffee

    I finished my first bag of coffee. It's the formula that works best for me.

    I need it to give me the energy to face work! After drinking this coffee, I will not be sleepy and tired during my weight loss period, cuz it has added taurine. During this period, I stopped for 10 days and did not experience any discomfort, which shows that it is not addictive, which is very important for functional coffee!

    Love it

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    4 months ago
    Finally a Super Coffee That is Actually Coffee!

    Not only does Superhuman coffee contain the natural ingredients that give me benefits for health, heart, and mind, it tastes bold, creamy, and delicious because it actually is coffee. I have tried mushroom coffees but just couldn’t get past the taste so I was never going to truly replace my morning’s first cup of coffee until now. Superhuman is delicious and convenient coffee first, and actually delivers what it says…the outstanding benefits for my mood, a clearer mind, and a healthier gut.

    DW Profile picture for Dawna W.
    Dawna W.
    Verified Reviewer
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